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Wine & Gyn Episode 1: Who Needs Gyn Talk?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Episode one introduces the podcast, Wine & Gyn and the hosts, Kelly & Tiffany.

We talk about starting the podcast because we were the recipient of so many questions and comments from our friends about their bodies. Most women want to privately ask us about things they are unsure of or what more information about. What they really want to hear is that they are normal.

We think that’s what all women want to hear- they are normal!

The podcast is a branch off of a live event we do in San Diego. It’s a casual meeting with our friends and their friends in Tiffany’s living room. We started offering this gathering as a space to bring women’s health topics out into the open and talk about it collectively. Women have the opportunity to as questions, get wisdom from other women and hear a bit of education from licensed midwives when applicable.

Wine & Gyn is a safe and fun space to talk about sex, having more, having better sex, what to do when sex is feeling wrong and how other women deal with the challenges related to sex.

Wine & Gyn is an informative and silly place to talk about body parts, anatomy and correct terms and locations for our genitals. We talk about where you can find these places on the body, what they are for, and why you should care. We talk about problems these body parts cause and some simple and complex solutions for dealing with them.

Wine & Gyn is a real and modern place to chat about periods, what menstruation is like for other women, ingenious ideas for dealing with bleeding and creative ways to handle the mess. We talk about alternative period products, how to handle PMS, what is normal period symptoms and what is abnormal. We talk about how to track your period, how to get your period on track and what to do when you aren’t getting one at all.

We realize these topics make a lot of women uncomfortable because of the way we have been raised, the culture and society standards, beliefs about our own bodies or past experiences. It’s one thing to keep these topics private, we can definitely see how that would be valuable and comfortable for women. But we want to challenge the taboo nature of talking about what we are experiencing in our bodies.

What we learned after taking care of so many women in really intimate settings is that the biggest reason women are hesitant to discuss these issues is because of a lack of knowledge. Usually there is some bit of information missing that causes embarrassment or confusion and makes women want to conceal or become ashamed of something about their bodies.

Our aim is to call it out and bring normal to the surface so women can see they are like everyone else. And when things aren’t normal, we want to address it in the most sensitive and helpful way possible. We have some excellent knowledge as midwives in helping women get to the root cause of some of their gynecological issues- but we also want to point women to the community nature of our mission too. We can collectively share information and experiences to help one another.

In this podcast episode we also talk a little bit about our background and how we came to be doing this little project together. Kelly talks about the embarrassing reality of growing up as the only sister in a family that didn’t discuss much feminine body function stuff. Tiffany talks about learning the realities of sex from a book discovered in her parent’s bedroom called The Joy of Sex- which turns out is a pretty common discovery for children haha!

Tiffany & Kelly share how becoming midwives has empowered them to speak up about these topics because of the correct information they have, and what a surprise it has been to them for there to be such a need in sharing it. Some examples of what many women have approached them with for more info include: believing their dysfunctional period was normal and that there’s nothing to do about it; not realizing that the urethra is a separate opening from the vagina in the genitals; thinking something was wrong with their labia color or size or shape. All of which are false.

We ended this episode with promises to capture some of these ideas in depth in future episodes and ask our listeners to subscribe to the podcast to catch all the future episodes and follow us on Instagram at @wine_and_gyn to get in on the fun discussion about all things lady-bits!

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