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Wine & Gyn Episode 14: Period Sex

Episode 14 of the podcast touches on one of our favorite taboo subjects- having sex while on your period. We learned when talking with other women in person about this that many didn’t even realize it was a thing to do! We know from experience that it can be a pleasurable experience, once you get passed the ick factor and work in some strategies to making it work for you and your partner.

A lot of women are curious about how other women and couples tackle this- is the way they respond and participate normal? On the podcast we share the way we have period sex, the way our friends have period sex and the way the women we know have period sex. There’s a lot to listen and learn!

The first thing to get over is just the idea of it. Why do we think period sex is a bad thing? Maybe it’s something we were told once, some experience in our past or the way we have seen and heard other women or men react to it. There are legit reasons you may want to abstain, but consider if it’s a misconception that’s keeping you from going for it.

Some women are worried that their partner isn’t into it. Periods are generally not discussed already, having sex while you’re on yours might feel like pushing the comfort zone of your man. We want to encourage you to at least have a conversation about it- you might be surprised at how willing he is to try it! Men usually miss intimacy with their ladies while they are menstruating, and it could be a really great gesture and opportunity to connect during this time.

A lot of women are not fond of the mess. This is probably the biggest complaint we hear. No one wants blood all over them, or on their blankets and sheets, so how do you overcome this aspect? Many of the ladies we talked with about how they do it say that sex in the shower is one way to keep in clean. Another tip is to get dark towels that are just for period sex. You can get them out and place them on the bed before you go for it. Having a dark hand towel ready for cleanup afterwards helps quite a bit too!

One of the most legitimate reasons women choose not to have period sex is because they don’t want to!! You might be feeling bloated, messy, unsexy, tired, cranky, and just generally not wanting to engage in anything extra or vulnerable while you’re on your period- and this is ok!!

The encouraging things we hear about women who give it a shot is that it helps them connect to their partner better, making them feel more loved and supported at a sometimes fragile time of the month. We also hear women report that intercourse and orgasms help with cramping, heavy flow and pelvic achyness. We agree that this can be some surprising benefits of making it happen every once in awhile.

We want to hear from you- is this something you have tried? Does it work for you? Do you have tips and tricks for making it a pleasurable experience?

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