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Wine & Gyn Episode 16: Ask Us Anything

Who knew you wonderful listeners has so many good questions for us!! This one will have to be listened to in order to get the whole scoop on answers to your most frequently asked questions. We talked about wine, what kind we like, and what kind Tiffany doesn’t (spoiler alert- Kelly loves all wine). We chat about homebirth, why it’s such an important option for women who want physiological birth experiences and some thoughts on what happens to your vaginal tissue during the birth process. Tiffany & Kelly unpack whether perineal massage is a good preparation exercise for birth, how to prevent tearing during the crowning and childbirth and tips to aid in healing. Hear what we learned from doing 16 episodes of a brand new women’s health podcast, what we hope to improve and what we want to bring to the table in the next 16 episodes.

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