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Wine & Gyn Episode 17: How You Can Normalize the Female Experience

If you are a regular listener of the podcast, you’ll notice we took a bit of a break here in between season 1 and season 2. Episode 17 marks the first episode of season 2 and gosh we have some wonderful stuff to share with everyone this go-around.

Because your energetic hosts Tiffany & Kelly are so passionate about women’s health and sharing information, we shared our usual occupation with our audience in this episode and some of our experiences taking care of women as licensed midwives and moms. There are conversations happening all the time with our clients, colleagues and friends about improving women’s comfort and overall well-being in their female bodies and we are reminded just how important these conversations are.

We want to encourage all our listeners (and readers) to find themselves around women they can share with some of these conversations and topics with. Our goal is to take some of the stigma and taboo out of what is extremely normal to experience but rarely talked about.

We know from some of the feedback we have received from our listeners that we are onto something needed and have enjoyed the encouragement of the reviews left on our iTunes podcasting app. Some of the opinions reflected are that we are bringing difficult subject into the open, teaching important aspects of health, recognizing needed areas to bring to light and reducing shame and stigma. We’ll take it!

The Wine & Gyn in-person events are such a life-giving and encouraging aspect of how we have these conversations, we want to offer this to more women across other communities. Watch for us rolling out the opportunity to start your own Wine & Gyn group and be sure to contact us at if you’re interested in hosting or attending one close to you. Remember, if you are anywhere near North County San Diego, please stop by our in-person event every first Monday of the month in the evening near Vista.

You’ll hear us talking about what’s normal and what’s common but shouldn’t be considered normal. Our goal is to teach women the difference and give them tools to get their female experience back into the normal range.

You know as moms we feel strongly about how we can change the anatomy, sex and reproductive talk that informs our kids ideas about their own bodies- especially our daughters. Kelly & Tiffany are passionate about bringing awareness to our own ideas, speech and attitudes about these topics to make a positive impact on how our children grow.

It’s more than just good gyn here, it’s friendship, it’s education, it’s community, it’s belonging. Thank you for joining us back in season 2, it’s going to be a good one!!

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