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Wine & Gyn Episode 23: Sex Positions

Episode 23 of the podcast is all about exploring an aspect of sexual creativity that doesn’t often get enough chat time- sex positions. Tiffany & Kelly begin with the realization of why they end up doing the same thing in the bedroom all the time, which is likely pretty common for other women too. The idea of trying something new, but not too crazy, is definitely appealing while we are looking to enhance our sex lives as women. Changing things up slightly with different positions can be a way to explore and connect the physicality of having sex.

Do you talk with your partner about what works for you, and does he share with you what he likes? Sometimes we get in a rut doing the same things all the time while having sex and it can be a good thing, because we usually know what works. Or we can decide we want to try something new, which is exciting for both partners.

Many of us explored sexual positions with a lot more enthusiasm when our relationships, and bodies were younger and spry! So the idea of changing things up with positions sometimes makes us wary that it’s going to be uncomfortable, too much effort, tantric or otherwise require contortion or a movement that feels like way too much work. We worked hard to reframe this idea of new positions during sex to mean a slight variation to what already may be working for you.

Kelly shares with the listeners how the idea of “vanilla” sex isn’t actually a bad thing at all. Vanilla ice cream, for example, is the base for a lot of interesting and creative desert options- you can dress it up, spice it up, add flavors, textures and mix it with other things to get creative and stimulate your palate. It’s a good metaphor for sex too! Start with what already gets you going, and make small variations from there.

We chatted a bit about how body image, menstruation, energy levels and libido can influence your desire to try something new position-wise. Try to be honest with yourself and your partner about what you can take on, what you’re truly open to exploring and what will help you to stay comfortable and open with the experience. Being aware of our personal feelings and being able to share them with our partners is the cornerstone of healthy intimacy- please do make this aspect of your sex life a priority!

The most common position of all during sex is…. You guessed it- missionary. This is a tried and true fallback for most couples. Doggy-style, or rear entry while a woman is on her hands and knees with her partner behind her, is often the most stimulating for women physically because there are opportunities for the end of the penis to hit the internal g-spot, as well as access to digital clitoral stimulation.

Women on top positions may be what a women chooses when she makes the suggestion because although they aren’t quite as common as the previously mentioned, they do help ladies have the most control of rhythm, depth of penetration, speed and such. This can include facing your partner, facing away from your partner and sitting positions.

Spooning is another popular position for women because it usually slows down the experience, allows for a more low-intensity connection and the partner is able to digitally stimulate the clitoris by reaching around. Kelly brought in a fun one that Tiffany hadn’t heard of before called the snake- which is essentially doggy-style with the woman laying face-down instead of on her hands and knees. A little posterior rotation of the hips brings the vagina into an angle to make penetration possible from behind and voila!

Your favorite podcast hosts end this episode with a challenge- can you choose to try one new thing we mentioned in this recording and touch in with us when you do? We are available via email, Instagram, Facebook Group “Wine & Gyn Community” and the contact form on this website. We are looking forward to hearing how you enjoy exercising a bit of inspiration and creativity in your sex lives! Enjoy!

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