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Wine & Gyn Episode 25: Periods Gone Wrong

Your favorite women's health podcast hosts are back with a new episode of Wine & Gyn and this time they are sharing the stories their own listeners submitted. These are tales of periods gone a bit sideways. You'll want to tune in to hear the stories themselves, because there is nothing quite like listening to a menstrual catastrophe in someone's own words.

The first story is a period mishap by a birth worker in her 30s. She feels pretty certain that she should have a grip on her flow by now, but we all know accidents happen. Listen to hear her secret to easily cleaning period stains from clothing and cloth.

The next story is brought to you by a nurse giving in-home care, and the horrific discovery she made about her period after she left he patient's house.

The third story reveals almost every woman's worst nightmare. Join this gyner while she tells of a day she left the house on a heavy, heavy flow day. Learn what she did to safeguard the disaster from happening, and how it happened anyway. You'll feel the embarrassment oozing from this story (literally) but it will be sure to resonate with every woman!

The next tale comes from a lady's middle school years. You can tell right away that this story is going to be awful. Listen in while she described the horrific facts and emotions of getting your period unexpectedly at a large public school full of immature preteens. Ouch, right??

Our fifth period gone wrong story covers a proud diva cup moment gone wrong. You'll be shocked at what one woman witnessed in a public bathroom. Surely you'll rethink changing your diva cup in front of others as a friendly demo.

The next bit we share is a period gone wrong as told by a witness at a pool. Let's just say there is a white swim suit involved and this listener submitted a gem of a scenario that we wouldn't wish on any swimming pool patron, or the people around!

The second to last story will truly amaze you. First, you'll be shocked that it's even a possibility, and second you'll be completely mortified for this woman who discovers something that was long lost to her. You won't want to miss out on the surprise, the descriptive words, the absolute terror- it's a must listen.

The very last story, we saved for a reason as the cherry on top of this period nightmare collaboration. Listen as you hear how one gyner nearly suffered a serious injury, what her husband did to help and all the foods she never thought would come in contact with her vagina.

We live to normalize the female experience, and menstruation. Period problems and accidents happen to every woman on the planet. Our hope is that by adding a little humor to some pretty common catastrophes helps you feel more normal, less ashamed and connected to the women around you. Enjoy!

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