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Wine & Gyn Episode 26: Sex Games

Episode 26 was all about getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to sex, and for one of the first times Tiffany & Kelly both admit that they have not tried games in the bedroom in a very very long time.

Tiffany is quick to capture that there is nothing wrong with your sex life and that the idea of adding some games is not to prescribe spicing things up, or getting out of a rut, or trying to fix any issue in your relationship. Talking about the possibility of trying some sex games is all about working with what you have and prolonging the life of your sexual encounters by thinking more creatively about sex.

As women, we want to get the most fulfillment out of our intimate relationships, and we want to experience the full enjoyment of the expression of that bond, especially physically. Libido issues abound for the modern woman and we have realized collectively that this is a valid and worthwhile aspect of our health to work on.

Making goals to play a few games with your partner can spark up some playfulness meant to help mix things up, practice some spontaneity, share in each others' bodies in a new way and exercise the communication muscle of intimacy.

Some of the benefits of getting playful in the bedroom include making a greater emphasis on foreplay, extending the sexual encounter, break the ice on some sexual requests, and expecting a different kind of connection. You may get to know your partner better, enjoy a little friendly competition and be stimulated mentally from the aspect of creativity.

Maybe you feel like your sex life is kind of boring, and normally boring sex is just what you need- but sometimes we want to be pushed in a small way to get outside our comfort zone. Play a little, make a choice to do something different, be brave, allow your relaxed side to come out and give yourself permission to explore and have some fun.

If you are like us, you have no idea where to start. When Tiffany first started researching games to play, the options seemed a little ridiculous if she was perfectly honest. There was no way that she was going to suggest doing anything complicated, with rules, a game board or any other supplies. These playful ideas needed to be simple and quick to explain- and even quicker to enjoy! You'll have to listen to this episode to get the full scoop on the suggestions the daring hosts make- but they are all 5 games that they would actually play themselves- which says a lot because they admit that they do not currently play games and aren't even that interested previously.

That level of interest quickly changes while they discuss and imagine how the game ideas could enhance their relationships. At the end of this episode, Kelly & Tiffany share a handful of tips, that aren't exactly games, but help bring playfulness to your sex life. You won't want to miss the bonus suggestions, along with a call to make a sex goal as they challenge each listener to try just 1 of the games and let them know how it went! You'll find these discussions happening on the social media outlets, Wine & Gyn on Instagram, and Wine & Gyn Community on Facebook.

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