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Wine & Gyn Episode 30: Labor Day Birth Stories

Happy Labor Day Gyners! Labor day is all about taking a big purposeful break from the daily grind. You'll enjoy sitting back for some story time on this particular holiday, while we chat about the real hard work of bringing babies out.

Come along while we celebrate a midwife's version of the word "labor" while Kelly & Tiffany share their personal birth stories. Learn how your favorite podcast hosts got into the work of caring for women and becoming vagina experts. We truly wouldn't be sitting on our happy little podcast couch bringing you these topics if it wasn't for becoming mothers ourselves.

Between our 5 births, we have all the goods for you! You'll hear about natural birth, medicated birth, vaginal birth, cesarean birth, hospital birth, homebirth, prodromal labor, big babies, small babies, fast labors, slow labors, easy birth, hard birth.

Join us while we share all that we learned, including remaining flexible in expectations, what kind of support dads need, processing disappointment, and encouraging mothers.

There's space for great births that you loved, and births that you just cant wrap your head around. There's space for hospital births, homebirths, birth center births. There's space for natural births and medicated births, cesarean births and vaginal births. We all have our own unique story for how we brought our children into the world. There's space for all of it.

Birth is a profound experience, and wanting to talk about birth, no matter the way you feel about it is something that women naturally do when they gather. Find a safe lady to chat about your birth experiences with, write them down, tell your story- it's a beautiful way to express motherhood and honor your own profound experience.

This is a listen you won't want to miss!

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