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Wine & Gyn Episode 5: Pubic Hair Grooming

Episode 5 of the Wine & Gyn Podcast covers pubic hair. And pubic hair covers your mons pubis- or pubic bone. The pubic hair is anchored in the skin’s surface, receives nourishment from the hair follicle and is implanted right next to nerve endings.

The purpose of pubic hair is to protect from friction and dirt, disperse moisture like sweat and discharge, provide warmth, make touch extra sensitive, and disperse pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Since it’s so useful, why do so many of us want to remove it?!

We like to remove the bikini line to clean up the bathing suit look, we like the smooth feeling of the skin without hair, we have a preference for how it looks (or our sexual partners do), and some of us want it off to remove a barrier between us and the most contact possible during sex with our partners. Some women also have the belief that it’s unhygienic- but it’s actually more hygienic to keep your pubic hair!

Pubic hair, luckily, of all health issues, is pretty trivial. Removing it has very little consequence, besides the average razor burn or ingrown hair- there’s very little risk and it grows back!

Some methods of pubic hair removal are trimming with scissors, shaving, plucking, shaping with trimmers, waxing, hair removal creams and electrolysis and laser treatments. In the podcast episode, we cover all of these methods, and the one we try live on the episode itself might surprise you- plucking! If you take a listen, you’ll hear Kelly hesitating quite a bit to try this herself after daring Tiffany to try it. Tiffany reports it “being no big deal” and in disbelief Kelly discovers this too. Yes, time consuming, but not nearly as time consuming as you may first think.

Waxing is a very popular way of removing pubic hair and there are all kinds of styles from the Brazilian to the Hollywood, and doing it yourself at home.

Shaving might be the most common way that women remove their pubic hair, most of them reporting that they trim it down with their husband’s beard trimmer or hair clippers and then shave it off in the shower.

Creams and gels and lotions are our personal least-favorite way of taking off hair. We just aren’t big fans of putting chemicals anywhere on your body- let alone your precious lady bits. These products have hit and miss success among women, and the product descriptions caution against using on your labia and market the use just for the mons pubis part. The way they work is leaving on long enough for the chemical to dissolve the keratin in the hair in the follicle, and when you clean up afterwards, the hair washed out of the follicle itself, making it take longer for the hair to grow back up to the surface of the skin.

Some tips for avoiding ingrown hairs are to wear loose clothing, moisturize your skin often, and exfoliate to keep pores clear. Rashes happen most often when there are too many passes with the razor, or a dull razor scrapes on the skin too roughly. Bumps and cuts are also a side effect of razor grooming and can be kept to minimum with warm water applied to the skin to open the hair follicles, using sharp and new razors and using a lube like oil and not soap.

Our final tip is to handle hair removal, any kind, a week after your period ends. The time right after your menstruation finishes is the most sensitive skin time of the month for most women. When a bump does come up use moisturizer and an ice cube to remedy. Warm compress can help dislodge an ingrown hair.

We started this episode with quite a bit of fun that I’ll end this post with as a little teaser to listen! There’s an adult book we came across in an illustrated children’s book style called Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber. It’s about a lady named Brenda who has an ungroomed pet beaver that she walks around on a leash until her friends apprehend her about getting her beaver some grooming. We laughed until we died.

One important thing that is worth mentioning on this topic, although we learned most ladies that we know and chatted with remove some or all of their pubic hair, it’s perfectly fine to leave it alone! Kelly & Tiffany have personally noticed how some seasons of life will call for no grooming whatsoever, and others we are motivated to remove it all. We think whatever each woman wants to do with her own pubic hair is a-ok! And we especially honor the whole and natural philosophy of leaving it in all of its bushy glory- the choice is yours!

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