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Wine & Gyn Episode 6: Sex Gone Hilariously Wrong

Episode 6 starts with a very proud announcement that Kelly and Tiffany make about opening their own midwifery practice, local to them in North County San Diego. Excited to share midwifery services for expectant couples desiring homebirth care, they will see pregnant mamas and their families for prenatal, birth and postpartum specializing in individualized approach to physiological/natural birth. These Licensed Midwives showcase their hard work obtaining their licenses from the Medical board of California after years of training in local homebirth practices.

They are popping a bottle of champagne instead of wine this episode.

This episode was completely composed of the stories that our listeners submitted. We received quite a lovely selection of stories from ladies who were happy to share the hysterical blunders of their lives in the sheets (and out of the sheets).

We can’t go into too much detail in this post without ruining the essence of the storytelling, so you will just have to make a point to listen. However, here is a quick lineup of the good stuff we had to work with:

1. Chinese food, reverse cowgirl and some farting, laughing and more farting.

2. Edge of the bed, legs on shoulders, quick position change and a head-butt.

3. Kitchen quickie while the kids are out, a pet peeps in and has a terrible reaction.

4. Mexico vacation, forgetfulness and a diva cup discovery.

5. Vegas hotel, bathtub fantasy, more water than they bargained for.

6. Sex with an infant in the room, queefs, laughing, more queefs.

You’ll have to take our word for it that you will NOT regret a listen to this one. You will be laughing your butt off in no time.

A quick word about queefs, because we got quite a few stories involving this embarrassing noise and we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to education you all, would we?

Queefing is when air gets into the vagina and when it is released, it makes a farting noise. But this is not farting. Farting comes from your GI tract and is caused by fermenting food producing gases and makes the same noise because it is air moving through moist and tight mucous membranes. But how does it get in there? Queefs happen most commonly during sex because the vaginal wall is lubricated and expands with arousal. Air sucks in with penetration and when the vaginal muscles contract next the air comes forcefully out. This can also be a sign of weak pelvic floor and we often talk to postpartum moms who experience this when resuming intercourse after birth. Other causes when it’s not pelvic floor related can be hormone fluctuations during menstruation or ovulation that temporarily weaken the same muscles.

This has been our most-listened-to episode so far and we are so glad so many ladies loved it. It lets us know that our audience is a fun group of women who aren’t afraid to have real talk about serious stuff while still embracing humor and being able to unite in the blunders of sexy time.

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