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Wine & Gyn Episode 7: Vaginal Steaming

Episode 7 is brought to you by the ever-growing in popularity and curiosity topic of vaginal steaming. Kelly & Tiffany have enjoyed vaginal steaming over the past couple years and have spent some time recently learning more about all the applications and benefits of doing a steam.

They walk their listeners through the brief history, step-by-step directions on how to do it yourself at home, why you want to steam, what’s in a blend and where to buy these herbs.

(Spoiler alert, we made our very own blend for tackling the most common vaginal issues you want to steam for, and you can find it under the “Shop” tab on this website. Our online store, Whole Mother Co carries our signature Gyn Steam Refine Blend that you can purchase and get additional instructions and guidance from us!)

Vaginal steaming has been documented in almost all ancient cultures, across all continents and with about the same practice style. When gynecology problems were treated by midwives this was a widely accepted and used therapy. When doctors took over the authority on women’s health many years ago, this practice of herbology changed and surgery and medications became the norm for treating women’s issues.

Vaginal steaming can be used for fibroids, cysts, and dysfunctional periods like short or long cycles, brown bleeding, bleeding in between cycles, blood clots, bloating, discomfort and cramping. We also recommend using vaginal steaming for postpartum moms, vaginal prolapse, weakened pelvic floor, and to speed healing and increase muscular tone. Women can steam for endometriosis, bacterial and yeast infections, cervical dysplasia, infertility, hemorrhoids an to relive menopausal symptoms.

Wow! What doesn’t vaginal steaming help?! The reason we love this option so much is because the alternative is usually continued suffering that’s often described as “normal”, or drastic measures like hysterectomy or other surgical procedures that completely change the way a woman finds homeostasis in her body. Vaginal steaming has very narrow contraindications, is a simple treatment women can do at home and relatively cheap.

The general method for steaming is take a small amount of herbs and heat them in a small pot of water on a stove, bringing to a boil and allowing to simmer for 5 minutes. Next, find a comfortable place to kneel, sit, squat or lean forward so that the steam comes up into your general vaginal area. Some suggestions for this are place the pot on the floor in the cut-out from a Squatty Potty, sit on the edge of a stool or bathtub with the herbs steaming from the floor, place the steaming herbs in a ceramic bowl and squat or kneel over it. Some ladies like to use a hot plate to keep their liquid producing steam. You’ll then wrap a towel, sheet or blanket around your waist to make a sauna below the waist. Most protocols call for 15-30 minutes of steaming a day for many days in a row. They key to making this successful is experimenting with ways to make this comfortable for you- everyone discovers something different that works for them and we don’t think there is a wrong way to set this up for yourself.

Some of the herbs in the Gyn Steam blend are mugwort, white sage, chamomile, dandelion and several others. Mugwort is used to decrease uterine inflammation, improve muscle tone, promote menstruation and stimulate pelvic circulation. What a workhorse! White sage is a hormone regulating and cooling herb. Chamomile enhances tone, and is a mild sedative known to be antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Dandelion supports the cleansing of the liver which regulates hormones, detoxifies and helps with waste elimination and decongestant.

There are different blends for short periods, for vaginal infections and for menopausal use. We are happy to discuss these with anyone, reach out to us on the contact tab and let us know you’d like a quick and free consultation for this. The biggest contraindication for steaming is during pregnancy. The herbs in all of these blends help to empty the uterus and tone it which can lead to pregnancy complications, threatened miscarriage or loss of pregnancy. Please don’t steam if pregnancy is any possibility for you.

Again, you’ll want to grab the blend in the Shop tab of this site and try it out for yourself! We love feedback on this topic so please don’t be shy about your experience and how we can help!

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