Preparing for Birth

Everything you need to prep for your homebirth from gathering birth supplies to learning about what to expect from the postpartum recovery time. Your midwives want you to know as much as possible about what's coming next; peruse these resources at your leisure. More formal instructions will be given at the time your homevisit is scheduled, but ask us anything that comes up for you beforehand.

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The Homevisit

What to expect from the "dress rehearsal" prenatal appointment in your home at 37 weeks.


Emergent Birth Instructions

What to do if your baby comes before your midwives arrive.


Homebirth Supplies

Everything you need to gather for your birth in one simple list.


Postpartum Instructions

Guidelines for monitoring health and healing for mom and baby after the birth


Birth Tub Options

Planning a water birth? Here's what you need.

Breastfeeding Support

The support, education and inspiration to make it a lasting and fulfilling experience.

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