Waterbirth Tub Options

Birth Tub Rental

La Bassine Regular Birthing Pool - PROFESSIONAL-Water Birth-Birth Supplies Canada

67” x 55” x 26” Provided with the pool :

  • air pump

  • hoses

  • hose adapter

  • pool liner

  • floor liner

  • water thermometer

  • water pump

  • fish net

rental fee : $125.00 via local doula Debbe Cannone: rxgracecannone@gmail.com


Other Options

  • Purchase of own single use birthing-specific tub (many websites offer this)

  • Purchase of inflatable play-pool (Minnidip brand from Target is a fellow midwife’s favorite, not as deep as a birthing-specific tub)

  • Use of own tub at home

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