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San Diego Homebirth Midwives, Tiffany & Kelly

Beautiful One Midwifery was born in 2018 from a dream that we had to offer services to San Diego that made homebirth accessible, woman-led and a normal family experience. We partner with moms and dads to take their own dreams for birth and connect it to practical preparation so that they can navigate this season with ease. 

If you're like us, you probably do everything a little differently than other people. You like alternative options, you don't accept the status quo, and you are all-in on big life stuff. Now you find yourself starting to think about your birth a little differently. You want something more out of this experience and we are here to say that's more than possible!

We are inspired by the families we serve to offer the most individualized care available to women. We love what we do because we get to meet a need, to provide a real answer to the wondering, "there has to be something more..." 


We trust in the miraculous design of pregnancy and birth, aiming to intervene only when necessary. We believe we keep birth the safest when there is the least amount of disturbance to the natural process.

We honor the sanctity of new life, and the purposeful transformation that pregnancy and birth provide. It's hard work, but it's good and beautiful work, and we want to do it with you.

We believe you do best navigating big life stuff when the least amount of pressure is placed upon you to divert from your intuition, and that you are the ultimate expert in decisions made for you and your baby.

We consider ourselves guests and guides in your journey, discovering together the most connected and meaningful way to welcome your baby.

A mutual fit is the most important aspect to a trusting relationship between clients and their midwives. We make every effort to assess the candidacy of each client, not only for positive health outcomes but positive relationship outcomes as well. Part of us valuing your choice is respecting your ability to choose the right birth team for you.

We are looking for families who:

  • Are low-risk candidates for out-of-hospital care

  • Already know home is their preferred birth setting

  • Want to be fully appraised of each option and participate in true informed-consent

  • Recognize the care they need is beyond just clinical treatment and includes attentiveness for mental, emotional and spiritual support

You are looking for midwives who:

  • Are generous with their time and make space for thoroughly answering your questions

  • Are willing to consider options that are best for you (even when it's not our own preference)

  • Talk openly about safety and risk, and both our plans for and limitations in handling complications

  • Value sustainability, work-life balance and self-care so that you have an enthusiastic and well-rested care provider available 24/7

Are We Your Midwives? 

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