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Frequently Asked Home Visit Questions

What happens at a home visit?

     Lots of fun things! This is the appointment that really drives the idea home that something amazing is right around the corner for you and your family. It helps it all feel so real! The home visit is where we get to come into your home, meet anyone else you may have invited to your birth, organize your birth supplies, discuss the birth itself and your desires for your care during labor, chat about what to anticipate in case of complications, and perform your normal prenatal checkup where we check on you and your baby. If you are choosing to test for GBS, the swab can also be taken (you can do this yourself, but we can do it for you if you prefer) at this time. 

Should I invite anyone else to our home visit? 

     Yes! We love it when everyone who will be involved in the birth can be in attendance, even if for a short while. We want dad/partner to be there, and encourage your doula, photographer, family members you may want at the birth to be there, and, as always, any of your older children are always welcome. Your midwives will both be in attendance, and if we have discussed having an assistant or student at your birth, they will come as well. You have space on your Homebirth Plan Worksheet (found here) to write down who you have invited to your birth and their intended role (support person, childcare, photographer, etc)

How long is the home visit?

     We plan for an hour and a half. If anyone attending the home visit needs to leave early or arrive late we can cover information/provide care that is most pertinent to them during the window they can be present. 

What items do I need to get to prepare? Do I need to have them organized beforehand?

     We have given you a list of items you are responsible for gathering in your home (found here). Some items you may already have lying around at home, and others you may need to purchase. We want you to bring all of your items together before the home visit so that the day of our appointment you aren't struggling to find everything. We will want you to have all of your items stored in one place so that we can organize them easily when we are at your home, to help make the day of your birth even more straightforward for us. On the day of your home visit we also bring a birth kit with extra items not listed on your sheet. 

What about the birth tub?

     We recommend having the birth tub in your possession before the home visit and for you to do a run through with it- that way we can answer any tangible questions about where to set up, length of hose, adapters, etc when we are in your home. If this is not possible, we very much recommend you do a run through when you receive the birth tub so that you can practice set up before the big day and avoid any major issues the day of. If you are unsure of your birth tub options, check this out.

What happens after the home visit?

    We wait for baby- and we continue to care for you! After this point, you'll be seeing us weekly until you have your baby. We also will leave a packet of information with you that will help you prepare for the final stretch of preparing for baby and postpartum. We will discuss these items at your home visit, but the contents of your packet will be:

     Directions on how to set up your bed for labor/birth (yes, please do this even if planning a waterbirth)

     What to do if baby is arriving before the midwives arrive

     Postpartum instructions for caring for mom and baby

     Information about registering the birth of your baby for a Birth Certificate and Social Security Number

     and an Informed Refusal sheet

We are looking forward to your home visit! Please let us know if you have any questions!  

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