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When it comes time for you to meet your sweet baby, the same team you have gotten to know and love during all of your prenatal visits will be with you- supporting you, loving you, and providing clinical care. We bring our equipment, our hearts, and our hands along with us to give you the individualized support you and your baby deserve.


Our homebirth package includes a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for you, all of your prenatal visits, counseling and education regarding nutrition and other important pregnancy and parenting related topics, a birth supplies kit, support during your entire labor and two midwives at your birth. Each client gets thorough immediate and extended postpartum care, and breastfeeding support. In the event a transfer to the hospital becomes necessary, we accompany you and remain with you throughout the birth and first hours postpartum.


Pain medication is not available at home births, but proven pain coping techniques are widely used, familiar and effective. Your prenatal care will include preparation for this aspect of labor and discussing which techniques will be best for you. Laboring in a birth tub is an option that many of our clients use. We also recommend the use of a doula and can provide referrals for those particularly experienced with your goals for labor. Although we do not use any pharmaceuticals during labor, we have local anesthetic to numb the tissue if vaginal repair is necessary.


Our own affection for homebirth stems from the freedom women can take to own their experience. We encourage all our families to imagine, communicate and make plans for the specific ways the birth will reflect their own personal values. Our strong feelings about the capableness of women and the belief in physiological labor leads us to approach the birthing day with respect, sisterly support and vigilance to keep the process safely in the range of normal. Our standard practices include regular communication around your due time, constant availability in early labor, arriving to the birth when you ask us to come, assessing labor with minimal interruptions, informed consent for all procedures, minimal interventions (including vaginal exams), freedom to labor and push in any position you like, immediate skin to skin, spontaneous delivery of the placenta, and waiting to cut the cord after the delivery of the placenta. We make adaptations at every birth to meet the needs and desires of each client.


Immediate postpartum care lasts on average about 4 hours. We spend this time stabilizing mom and baby, performing any suturing needed, performing a head to toe neurological and physical exam of the baby, any newborn procedures you request (like vitamin k), encouraging skin to skin and bonding time, assuring successful latches during breastfeeding initiation, a hot meal for mom and her partner, full clean-up and tidying of the birth space, complete instructions and education given on caring for the newborn and postpartum mother, and only a departure by the midwives when vitals have been stable for hours at a time and parents feel comfortable being left until the first postpartum visit the following day.

If you are still weighing your options in regards to choosing home birth, this blog post may be helpful as you make your decision. 


Fee: $6,700. Visit our Payment page for more details on how we aim to alleviate the financial burden as much as possible- including information on using insurance to cover these services. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to see if we are the midwives for you. 

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