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Homebirth Supplies

Mom Bag:

☐ Postpartum robe or comfortable clothing to change into, nursing bra, etc

☐ Postpartum pads
☐ Depends
☐ Arnica, Ibuprofen, ContractEase, etc as


Baby Bag:

☐ Diapers
☐ Wipes
☐ Warm Outfit
☐ Swaddle Blanket
☐ Q tips
☐ Thermometer (We like Vick’s Quick Read)

Warm Bag:

☐ 6 Receiving Blankets (not your nicest!) ☐ Newborn Hat
☐ 2 hand washcloths
☐ 2 diapers

☐ Coconut or Olive Oil for diapering


☐ 1 set of ‘old’ sheets/pillowcases for the birth: basically a set you wouldn’t mind tossing if stains remain
☐ Set of clean ‘good’ sheets, pillow cases for use after the birth (the ones you want to settle in together afterwards)

☐ Plastic cover for the bed (and potentially couch, floor, etc depending on where you birth. Our best suggestion is painters plastic)

☐ Optional trash bags to cover pillows



☐ Make sure you have easy to snack on foods and drinks available, and an easy to heat up meal for postpartum. We want you all well nourished during labor and postpartum.

Miscellaneous Supplies: {great to collect in a large box or tote}
☐ 2 Gallon Sized Ziplock Bags
☐ 2 trash bags

☐ 2 large bowls (plastic/lightweight preferred)

☐Roll of Viva Brand Half Sheet Paper Towels

(yes, we prefer that brand)
☐Large cutting board or cookie sheet

☐ Hydrogen Peroxide (for cleaning)

☐Essential oils, diffuser, music playlist/speakers if desired
☐ 6-10 towels (if planning water birth)

☐ If planning water birth in birth tub (nothome tub): hose (long enough to get from water source to plant place of tub), adapter for hose to hook up in kitchen/bathroom sink/tub.

All other birth-related supplies we will supply. Please have all of these supplies gathered and prepared before your home visit.

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