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a la carte Postpartum

Midwifery care fits into any setting a family chooses for birth, including those occurring in a hospital. We feel passionate about making our attentive and woman-centered model inclusive and accessible to every family that desires it. Women birthing with other providers are able to receive our dynamic postpartum care as a part of this package, which includes 6 weeks of in-home postpartum care for mother and baby.


Your hospital-based provider will discharge you from the hospital and in most cases not see you again for 6 weeks. We know for a fact you will need more professional care during that time and beyond, and as midwives we bring it to you! Feeling well supported and cared for in these beginning weeks can deeply impact your emotional and physical well-being postpartum.

We first visit you in your home around postpartum days 3 and 7. We continue postpartum home visits at week 2, 4 and 6. We think this extended care postpartum helps build confidence, community and connectedness for the family- we want to see you thrive! Postpartum visits last up to one hour in your home, leaving enough time for clinical tasks and a robust amount of time for supporting the other important dynamics of this tender season.  


Postpartum Care for Mom:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring bleeding and uterine involution, perineal healing

  • Breastfeeding education with hands-on support, and referrals as necessary

  • Mood disorder screening and referrals for treatment


Postpartum Care for Newborn:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring weight and assessment of baby’s milk intake


Postpartum Care for the Family:

  • Consultation for getting your basic needs met and a postpartum plan made

  • Strategies for successful breastfeeding, maximum sleep and simplifying baby care

  • Education on co-sleeping and bed-sharing, diapering, developmental milestones and introducing solids

This in-home personalized care package is available for women birthing with other providers in the greater San Diego area. The total for this incredible package is $1,200 and can be paid in installments as needed after a $250 nonrefundable deposit. 

Midwifery care can make a huge difference in families feeling prepared and supported as they navigate the transition into postpartum and parenthood. We are inspired by the difference we see in moms and babies when they choose this level of care for themselves. Please contact us with your questions and/or to get on our schedule. 

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