Hospital Birth

Midwifery care fits into any setting a family chooses for birth, including those occurring in a hospital. We feel passionate about making our attentive and woman-centered model inclusive and accessible to every family that desires it. We begin by working with your goals to create a plan that supports your vision for your birth. Women receive full prenatal education, birth and postpartum preparation, continuous labor support and our dynamic year-long postpartum care as a part of this package.




Your prenatal visits will be done in our San Marcos office:

Visits happen at gestational weeks 12, 18, 24, 30, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41

Each appointment has been reserved for you for 60 minutes and we always welcome your partner, children and other family members to attend with you.


Your medical care is coming from your hospital-based provider, which allows us to focus on the special aspects of midwifery care you won't get anywhere else. We will discuss your nutritional, emotional, and physical needs throughout your pregnancy. We will go over foods, supplements, activities and exercises to have the healthiest and low-risk pregnancy possible. We will spend time palpating your belly, which helps us see what position your baby is in, and teach you to do the same so you can connect with your baby's position in between visits. We give instruction on getting baby into the most optimal position, which is statistically proven to help moms have easier, and sometimes faster labors.

You have access to all of the handouts, materials and education our homebirth clients receive, along with accommodations and suggestions for the most supportive hospital birth possible.


You also have the option of listening to the baby's heartbeat at every visit. We use the familiar handheld Doppler or our special midwifery tool, the fetoscope for this. The fetoscope has no ultrasound waves and is like a stethoscope in that the actual sound of your baby's heart beating is heard. We love that part!


We partner with you in the discovery and decision-making of this special time. We will discuss the testing and treatment options your hospital-based provider is offering. We have the advantage of time in each appointment to give you the full scope of choices available to you, help you assess the risks and benefits, and give you tools for advocating for your options. We assist with creating a personalized birth plan and help you put the right pieces in place ahead of time to get the birth experience you are longing for.


We will come to your house at the 36 week appointment for a home visit to meet as a birth team and discuss more details regarding the day-of specifics. We show you how to stay comfortable in your home so you can labor there as long as possible and we talk through your vision and desires for the big day.


Our service includes a professional birth doula on our team. At your first prenatal visit we share 2-4 doulas for you to choose from to be with you on your birthing day. Our doulas are exceptionally experienced with natural labor, avoiding interventions, laboring at home as long as possible and have advanced knowledge and experience with proven coping techniques for birth. Our doulas are available for you to interview with so that you can select the woman you feel the strongest connection with.


Your doula will attend the home visit and offer her expertise in preparing for a supportive labor. When you go into labor, your doula will join you when you ask her to come, accompany you to the hospital and provide continuous support throughout your birth and a few hours into your immediate postpartum.

Once you are in labor you have the option of one 60 minute labor check in your home from either Midwife Kelly or Midwife Tiffany. We can assess the labor pattern, make suggestions for coping and progress, check cervical dilation and listen the the baby's heartbeat. Your doula will have access to our suggestions and recommendations throughout the entire labor process, making your birth a supportive and collaborative experience.


Your hospital-based provider will discharge you from the hospital and in most cases not see you again for 6 weeks. We know for a fact you will need more professional care during that time and beyond, and as midwives we bring it to you! Feeling well supported and cared for in these beginning weeks can deeply impact your emotional and physical well-being postpartum.

We visit you in your home on postpartum day 3 and 7. We continue postpartum home visits at week 2, 4 and 6. You have office visits available to you at months 3, 6, 9 and 12. We think this extended care postpartum helps build confidence, community and connectedness for the family- we want to see you thrive!


Postpartum Care for Mom:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring bleeding and uterine involution, perineal healing

  • Breastfeeding education with hands-on support, and referrals as necessary

  • Mood disorder screening and referrals for treatment


Postpartum Care for Newborn:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring weight and assessment of baby’s milk intake


Postpartum Care for the Family:

  • Consultation for getting your basic needs met and a postpartum plan made

  • Strategies for successful breastfeeding, maximum sleep and simplifying baby care

  • Education on co-sleeping and bed-sharing, diapering, developmental milestones and introducing solids

Midwifery care can make a huge difference in families feeling prepared and supported for birth and parenting. We are inspired by the difference we see in moms and babies when they choose this level of care for themselves. Please contact us with your questions. 

Free consultations are available in our San Marcos office.