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Kelly's Story


You know those things that happen on what seems like a “coincidence” or just happenstance of time and situation?  Sometimes they can seem so random, but I trust that they are fully orchestrated. One of those seemingly random, but oh so clearly orchestrated, moments happened in early 2010 when I was home sick from graduate school (see, I was going to be a psychologist and focus on psychological testing for kids, right?!), with what I thought was the flu, laying on the couch with intermittent nausea and total fatigue. “The Business of Being Born” came on and I was too lazy to find the remote to change it, so I watched it. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so interesting, and empowering! I'll pocket this info and in a few years when we have a baby I'll revisit this.” Little did I know, that “flu” was actually morning sickness, and that “laziness” in not turning the channel was the beginning of a perspective shift, a life shift, a family shift. All these years later, I’ve given birth myself 3 times, attended over 300 births, and have become a licensed midwife. Whew! Now tell that to the sick girl on the couch who had no idea she was on the verge of some major transition herself!  


After giving birth for the first time later that same year, a transition as deep as the transition I experienced in labor began to overtake me. It was clear that there was a shift beyond “just” becoming a mother happening. I began learning more about birth, helping friends connect with doulas and childbirth education, researching local providers and options. I became a childbirth educator and a doula shortly thereafter, literally feeling like the heavens opened up and I was specifically called to this work my very first time supporting a couple through their labor and birth experience. I supported around 100 different families in hospitals, in birth centers, and at home before giving birth to my second child- whom we chose to birth at home. That experience, the sweetness of family-centered care and the sweet safety of birthing at home, solidified the shift I continued to feel in myself that midwifery was the road for me. As a doula I could support, but I couldn’t always protect the way my heart desired. Midwifery opened an avenue in which I could provide skilled, safe, honoring clinical care, while continuing to provide the emotional and spiritual support I so connected with. 


Midwifery training was no joke though- despite my passion and clear path towards it and through it, it was a time of deep joy, deep learning, deep molding, deep exhaustion, and deep sacrifice. The sacrifices made were transformed into such gifts and fed into to the joy given in my pursuit of learning, loving, and caring. Being a midwife is a way of life and not “just” a job, and I am beyond thankful that my family builds me up and supports me in this calling. I always say that if I was called to be a midwife, my husband was called to be a midwife’s husband (midhusband? Sure!). Teamwork makes the dream work, as we say! And to discover through more of that wonderful “happenstance” (no no, clearly orchestrated!), that Tiffany and I shared such a similar support at home, and such a similar vision and heart for the families we serve and for this work in general? One of the sweetest gifts I’ve been given!


Over 300 births later, and another addition to our family, I find myself here, with Tiffany, rejoicing in the fact that we get to provide the type of care you deserve and desire, to protect sacred and safe birthing days, and to encourage confident and bonded parenthood.  I revel in the fact that we can know you, your story, and love and care for you through all of it. Thanks for loving us through ours!

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