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Homebirth Options for Midwifery Care

Care by midwives is all about proper informed consent. We offer all that is standard to pregnancy and birth care in San Diego (and so much more!). We provide all the options to you, while presenting the pros and cons of each choice. We trust and respect each individual family's ability to choose what's best for them and their care. Here is a place to check out what the options are while you formulate your decisions.

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Informed Consent

Why it matters: "It is the client’s right to choose her course of care."


Gestational Diabetes

Screening options for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks.


Testing Options

Tests, screens and labs offered during the childbearing year.


Group B Strep (GBS)

GBS testing and treatment options at 37 weeks.


Informed Refusal

Standard procedures and testing you are free to refuse during care.


Newborn Procedures

Erythromycin, Vitamin k and Metabolic screen of the newborn.

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