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Postpartum & Newborn Care

Our postpartum care continues to set midwifery apart from the obstetrical model. We love to celebrate the sweetness of this season with our clients, and walk alongside them in the midst of the challenges as well. After the birth of your baby we will return to your home twice within the first week, and again at 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks to care for you and your newborn. We want our families well rested, bonding and nesting together, so we do home-visits for the first postpartum month and half.  We will monitor your recovery, and provide well-baby care for your newborn including weight checks and breastfeeding support, along with any other issues that postpartum may hold for you.


Feeling well supported and cared for in these beginning weeks can deeply impact your emotional and physical well-being postpartum. We believe this kind of support brings value to the family beyond the standard 6 weeks of care, so we offer follow-up visits for the entire first postpartum year (3mo, 6mo, 9mo and 12mo) if you choose to utilize it. Benefits of these extended visits guide the transition into life with the new member of your family. We continue to offer relevant education, support for your parenting and lifestyle choices, and connect your family to additional resources for maximum thriving with your baby!


Postpartum Care for Mom:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring bleeding and uterine involution, perineal healing, labs when indicated

  • Breastfeeding education with hands-on support, and referrals as necessary

  • Mood disorder screening and referrals for treatment


Postpartum Care for Newborn:

  • Routine vitals, monitoring weight and assessment of baby’s milk intake

  • California Newborn Screen, Critical Congenital Heart Defects Screen


Postpartum Care for the Family:

  • Consultation for getting your basic needs met and a postpartum plan made

  • Strategies for successful breastfeeding, maximum sleep and simplifying baby care

  • Education on co-sleeping and bed-sharing, diapering, developmental milestones and introducing solids


While our postpartum care comes standard as part of our homebirth package, we are also available for postpartum care for those of you birthing in a hospital and desire more comprehensive support and care upon your arrival home. Contact us for more information!

Ready To Intentionally Plan for Your Postpartum? Click Here for Our Free Postpartum Planning Worksheet!

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