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Prenatal Care

We love the midwifery model of care for so many reasons, one of which is the extensive amount of time we get to spend with YOU, our amazing client- getting to know you, educating you, learning about your desires for your labor, birth, and postpartum, discussing any aspects of your individual health history, and laughing along the way.


Informed consent is the hallmark of our care. This means we offer you everything that is standard in obstetrical care while providing the critical educational pieces for you to decide what is right for your body and your baby. Informed consent also means that we do not perform any procedure, assessment or testing without your permission. We want you to be in the driver’s seat of your experience, so you can feel confident in your decision making, while relying on your midwives for guidance all along the way.


Pregnancy and birth are normal family events and we aim to make this time precious and inclusive for you and your favorite people. We encourage you to bring any member of your family to any of your appointments, including (and especially!) your partner and other children.


Your prenatal visits will be done in our San Marcos office:

From 4-28 weeks we see you every 4 weeks

From 28-36 weeks we see every 2 weeks

From 37-42 weeks we see you every week

Additional appointments are made as needed. Our care includes access to us in between appointments via email and phone.


Your prenatal visits will typically last around 60 minutes. We offer bloodwork, genetic testing, and referrals for ultrasounds just as an obstetrician’s office would. (We conveniently draw these labs ourselves in our office at your regular visits and forward copies of every result for your own record keeping.) We will discuss nutritional, emotional, and physical needs throughout your pregnancy. We will spend time palpating your belly, which helps us see what position your baby is in, and measure growth. We will listen to your baby’s heart rate either through handheld Doppler or fetoscope, and encourage you to do so as well. We check your vitals and screen for risk factors of maternal disease at every visit. We provide referrals for obstetrical consult as needed, and have an extensive referral network for holistic health practitioners as well.


We partner with you in the discovery and decision-making of this special time. We teach you how to decipher your own baby’s position in between appointments, make plans to treat discomforts both holistically and allopathically, and take a personalized approach to every testing and treatment option.


We will come to your home around 36-37 weeks for a home visit to prepare for the birth by organizing birth supplies and discussing more details regarding the day-of specifics. The home visit is like a dress rehearsal for birth and everyone planning to be at the birth is invited. We get the lay of your home, meet your other support people, do mock complications and scenarios and talk through your vision and desires for the big day.


Our prenatal care comes standard in our homebirth package, but if you are planning to birth in a hospital and still recognize how you much you would benefit from midwifery care prenatally, contact us to learn how every woman can participate in this type of care regardless of birth setting.


It’s important for us to disclose that the medical model of care that an obstetrician offers is radically different than the midwifery model of care found in our practice. You can compare the two models at this link. However, sometimes it’s necessary and advisable to see both practitioners for personal or health reasons and we happily offer collaborative care to make this possible for you. Contact us for details on setting up a plan that fits your needs.

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