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Have you been diagnosed with GBS in pregnancy and simply told you'll be given antibiotics in labor as the only treatment option?

Did you know that being GBS positive can point to other systemic imbalances in your body that not only pose a risk to your baby but your own overall health and postpartum recovery?

Maybe you have been GBS positive in the past and disatisfied with the way antibiotic treatment impacted your birthing experience and want to work to prevent it altogether nest time?

Perhaps you are already GBS positive and have a feeling there are more natural things to do to reduce your GBS that your care provder has not offered to you?

One way to be certain that you are giving yourself the greatest chance at being GBS negative is to focus on how vaginal health is established in relations to the wellness of entire body. Our passion for holistic solutions has created a prenatal protocol, backed by research, to optimally support vaginal microbiome restoration and balance. We aim to take the overhwelm out of this stressful possibility and be a part of regaining peace and confidence for your birthing day.


The keys to decreasing your GBS are:

  • Knowing the do's and don'ts of vaginal hygeine

  • Prioritizing intestinal gut health

  • Nourishing your whole body with balancing foods

  • Implementing the right strains of supplemental probiotics

  • Boosting the immune system to fight off unwanted bacteria


We have created an entire DIY protocol for naturally preventing and reducing GBS in pregnancy. Using the same holistic guidance we give our midwifery clients in our own homebirth practice, this resource provides not just the HOW, but the WHAT and WHY behind reducing GBS.


Inside this 19 page full-color resource you'll have instant PDF access to the following:


  • What GBS is, what causes it, and how it is diagnosed
  • How to prevent GBS before it's even tested for
  • How to locate the right supplements and how much to take for researched reduction of GBS if you are positive
  • Essential diet guidance with meal plans, recipes and shopping tips to eat for vaginal health
  • DIY suppository tutorial + instructions
  • How long to treat before retesting
  • Recovery plan for when antibiotics are needed
  • Direct links to our favorite supplements + supportive products


We want to be a part of helping you feel comfortable and confident in the details surrounding your birthing plan, no matter where or how you plan to meet this little one.


Imagine the burden of GBS being lifted, one less unknown to distract you from the importance of your birthing day... all while contributing to your overall health AND being grown in your ability to treat yourself naturally, from home!


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GBS Protocol

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