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Welcome to our new workbook for holisitically preventing and healing from clogged ducts and mastitis.


This workbook will walk you though the reasons behind clogged ducts and the development of mastitis, will educate you on risk factors and all things prevention, treatment, and specific tools and techniques to weave in for long lasting relief and healing. 


This is a great guide for women who:

  • Are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed. Preparation before these issues even arise can be key!
  • Are prone to clogged ducts or mastitis and want to be holistically proactive in preventing these issues in the first place
  • Are currently dealing with breastfeeding issues and desires to implement natural rememdies and holistic support
  • Support women in the postpartum space and want to have tangible, midwifery-infused recommendations for these common issues


What's included:

  • A backround on what causes clogged ducts and mastitis in the first place: root cause healing at its finest
  • Keys to prevention of these issues, including lifestyle, nutritional and supplemental recommendations
  • A proven home treatment protocol
  • Breast massage instructions
  • Additional tools and information for support from home
  • When to contact your care provider for more support


**This item (plus dozens more) are included for FREE inside our Membership**

Holistic Guide to Preventing and Treating Clogged Ducts + Mastitis

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