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Introducing our first-ever Holistic Healing Bundle! 


Supplements, Recipes, Protocols and Natural Remedies to bring you out of seasonal sickness and into whole-body healing.


The perfect natural companion for the woman who:


  • wants to naturally support her immune health from home
  • loves the food-as-medicine approach but struggles with exactly what to eat when she is sick
  • has desire to learn how to encorporate (and create) herbal remedies for healing from illness
  • is actively fighting some kind of infection, or has reoccuring infections and wants to prevent and quicken recovery



What's included:


  • 4 specific recipes that stimulate the immune system that can all be made ahead of time and stashed for a future need.
  • Supplement protocol for fighting any type of intruder; 6 supplements and specific dosing to kick it fast.
  • Homemade juice elixir recipe that is as clinically effective as ibuprofen for pain and inflammation.
  • 2 Home DIY Apothecary Recipes for Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider that you can make in your own kitchen!
  • A sinus infection protocol that brings rapid relief and helps you avoid antibiotics.
  • 4 herbal preparations to stock your natural medicine cabinet with.
  • DIY Firecider and Elderberry Syrup recipes, make on demand for cheap at home!
  • 27 natural remedies for cough, sore throat, fever and nausea (with product links!)



** This item (plus dozens more) are included for FREE inside our Membership, check it out HERE **

Holistic Healing Bundle

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