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Have you been diagnosed with anemia in pregnancy and simply told to take more iron?

Did you know that if you have had significant blood loss at your birth that you could be anemic postpartum, and increasing iron gives you better outcomes with recovery, breastmilk production and mental health?

Maybe you have been supplementing with iron to raise your levels already and not making the progress you were hoping for by now?

Perhaps you are pulling out all the tools and resources to get your iron levels up but struggling with some awful side effects like nausea and constipation?

One way to be certain that you are building up your blood well, either in preparation for normal blood loss, or in recovery from blood loss postpartum, is to work on getting your iron stores optimal, especially if you have been diagnosed as anemic. Blood building can prove to be quite difficult without some nutritional expertise in your corner.


The keys to increasing your iron are:

  • locating a quality supplement

  • ingesting the right type of supplemental iron

  • pairing it with the helpers that aid absorption

  • separating it from the nutrients that impede absorption

  • understanding hemoglobin and the functional range you want to see this lab value in during pregnancy and postpartum


We have created an entire DIY protocol for building your blood in pregnancy and postpartum. Using the same holistic guidance we give our midwifery clients in our own homebirth practice, this resource provides not just the HOW, but the WHAT and WHY behind increasing iron.


Inside this 8 page full-color resource you'll have instant PDF access to the following:


  • What anemia is, what causes it, and how it is diagnosed
  • When to test for anemia and how to read your lab values
  • Risks to you and your baby's health if anemia is left untreated
  • How to locate the right supplements and how much to take for best absorption
  • Troubleshooting guide for stubborn iron levels and GI side effects
  • When to retest and ideal ranges for pregnancy and postpartum
  • Direct links to our favorite supplements


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Iron Building Protocol

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