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Is a confident postpartum a possibility?


Can you have both a prepared and connected recovery after birth, even if you have never done it that way before?


INTRODUCING.... Our first ever complete and comprehensive Postpartum Support resource: A 57 page guide for total physical, emotional and mental restoration from the inside out.


This 9-product-instant-download is a compilation of every topic we encounter in our routine midwifery care, and more! We have included the most helpful worksheets, instructions and recipes to plan ahead and embrace the challenge and joy that life with a newborn brings.


For only $22 you receive:


1️⃣ Postpartum Plan Worksheet What to expect, How to ask for help and anticipate the extras

2️⃣ Postpartum Recovery Guidelines Stay in the bed, around the bed, near the bed 15 days to front load your rest and make a more complete physical recovery

3️⃣ Midwife Postpartum Instructions for Mom + Newborn FAQ on normal vs. abnormal in the immediate postpartum time

4️⃣ Grounded Mama: Regaining Calm Prompt A mental exercise to practice presence and mindfulness during postpartum stress

5️⃣ Postpartum Food Guide Meal Plan, Recipes + Shopping Guide for a Nourishing + Restorative Postpartum

6️⃣ Postpartum Supplement Handbook Recommendations to fill the gaps in post-baby and breastfeeding nutrient needs.

7️⃣ Postpartum Herbal Support Hands on instructions for physical and mood support with herbal remedies.

8️⃣ Printable Postpartum Affirmations Combat negative parenting thoughts by discovering what is true about motherhood and choosing to believe it.

9️⃣ Birth Story Writing Prompt Process and organize the events of this special day as you mold a timeline into your own personal birth story.


Imagine a postpartum marked by holistic recovery and practical wisdom. Imagine this bundle in the hands of someone you love- changing the story of their motherhood forever...


** This item (plus dozens more) are included for FREE inside our Membership, check it out HERE **

Postpartum Planning + Support Bundle

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