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Are you curious about using herbs but have no idea where to start? Have you been using herbal products that you love but ready to start making some of your own at home?

It's easy to get overwhelmed with beginning herbalism but we have created the absolute simplest methods to start exploring making your own herbal remedies- and we wrote it all down for you in our brand new Starter Guide to Herbalism.

Herbalism is the art and science of healing with plants. We have seen first hand in our midwifery practice how herbs can support a variety of health issues that come up in all stages of womanhood and family life. We want to share this support with you too!

Let's explore the benefits of herbal medicine:

- Increases self reliance

- Empowers us in options and choices

- Natural, gentle and effective

- Home remedies are generally less expensive than commercial products

- More than a treatment, herbs are nutritive


What do you get??

- 17 pages of instruction for building your own herbal pharmacy at home

- 14 recipes for internal and topical application

- Grow your own or buy our organic favorites

- Learn herb safety and gain confidence in making your own herbal products

From morning sickness to ear infections, diaper rash to liver tonic, this guide is packed with everything you need to begin making your own herbal medicines for your entire family in the comfort of your home.

Starter Guide to Herbalism

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