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Say hello to the Holistic Fertility Handbook! 


From preconception to pregnancy and more, this handbook is full of valuable information that every woman needs to know when in their family building years.


A must-have for the woman who:


  • wants to prepare her body for a healthy pregnancy in advance
  • desires to feel equipped, empowered, and informed when working with a care provider
  • wants in depth information about fertility to maximize her chance of conception
  • experiences infertility and wants holistic support
  • wants to overall understand her fertility



What's included:


  • An informational overview on different considerations during preconception
  • Tools for medical self-advocacy
  • An informative breakdown on the science behind conception and how to maximize your chance at achieving pregnancy
  • Protocol for inducing ovulation, cycle regulation, herbal fertility regulation, preventing miscarriage
  • Holistic support for infertility
  • How to support your body through early pregnancy
  • Miscarriage support
  • Remedies which include: hormone balancing, diet, supplements, herbs, homeopathy
  • Options for avoiding Pregnancy


...and truly so much more!


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Holistic Fertility Handbook

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