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The Vaginal Health Food Guide! The all-in-one nutritional support for optimal vaginal health.


The perfect nutrition companion for the woman who:


  • wants to naturally support gut and vaginal health from home
  • loves the food-as-medicine approach but struggles with exactly what to eat
  • has a history of yeast, UTI or GBS and wants to prevent reoccurrences
  • is actively fighting a vaginal infection and wants to quicken recovery



What's included:


-A week-long meal plan that takes all the guessing and struggle out of figuring out what to eat, with a template + checklist to craft your own plan when you are ready


- Probiotic and immunity boosting recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Snacks


- Detailed shopping guide for what and how to buy the right foods when you are at the store


+ PLUS our 10 best Supplements for supporting vaginal and feminine health, both for when you are well or fighting an imbalance


Fuel your vaginal health holistically with our food-as-medicine approach and naturally support healthy flora , pH and bacterial balance.


** This item (plus dozens more) are included for FREE inside our Membership, check it out HERE **

Vaginal Health Food Guide

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