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Meet The Midwives

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Beautiful One Midwifery was born in 2018 from a dream that Kelly and Tiffany had to offer services to expectant parents that would reflect each family’s personal values. We partner with moms and dads to take their own dreams for birth and connect it to practical preparation that honors the distinctiveness of their experience.

We are inspired by the families we serve to offer the most individualized care available to women.


Simplicity: We think differently about how midwifery care should be given. In our practice you’ll find a streamlined approach to education, complementary services, and reasonable financial terms.

Safety: Using our Certified Professional Midwife credentials, licensing by the Medical Board of California, and certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and Adult CPR, we maintain transparency about training, education and practice protocols.

Sustainability: We practice as a team to bring you balanced information and well-rounded care. Our partnership allows for 24/7 access to a midwife that is well-rested and eager to support you.

Choice: At every step you’ll be fully appraised and informed of your choices. We believe in our responsibility to disclose every option with risks and benefits (even the ones we don’t prefer) and allow you to make the decisions that are truly best for you.

Comfort: We make every effort to incorporate ease into your birthing day by valuing family-centered care, providing tools for coping with the intensity of labor and emphasizing the importance of a trusting relationship with your midwives.

Confidence: By providing evidence-based education, practical preparation of body, mind and heart, and support for your transition into parenthood- our clients are qualified to own their experience.

Are We Your Midwives? 

A mutual fit is the most important aspect to a trusting relationship between clients and their midwives. We make every effort to assess the candidacy of each client, not only for positive health outcomes but positive relationship outcomes as well. Part of us valuing your choice is respecting your ability to choose the right birth team for you. Here are some aspects of our background that we bring to our client relationships.

Hundreds of families served:

Kelly & Tiffany both began working with women as labor & birth doulas, supporting the vast majority of our clients in the hospital setting. While eventually discovering that the home is where individual choice is most respected, we learned some unique skills in the process that not all midwives have:

Having attended over 300 hospital births, we have an extreme comfort in this setting when a homebirth transfer is necessary. (We always stay with our clients in labor, even when it must take place or be completed in a hospital.)

We learned by default how important advocacy is for a woman’s desires, and the positive impact when her wishes are respected.


We championed for reducing interventions and increasing tolerance for variations of progress, instilling in us a patient approach to labor.

Our mom game is strong:

We view our roles as mothers as an asset to our clients, allowing us to personally relate to the struggles and celebrations of parenting. Because we are deep in childrearing ourselves, we have an acute understanding of the complexities that come along with motherhood. You’ll find us rather candidly offering our best tips for navigating mom life while also admitting we are still figuring it out too! Simply acknowledging and sharing in this wild little journey has been a joy in our practice.

Two (midwife) heads are better than one:

Our training in midwifery was complimented by a variety of teachers, preceptors, settings and birth experiences. Kelly & Tiffany have slightly different backgrounds in education and care styles which has lent itself to a wonderful harmony of ideas and choices for our clients. We unanimously depend on our philosophy to allow birth to unfold without interruption and our masterful skills to intervene when necessary.

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