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The Holistic Lady's 2023 Natural Gift Guide

blog post image with chirstmas berries, holly, twine and brown paper packages tied up with string for a holistic woman's holiday natural gift guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your natural-minded friend? Look no further! We've got you covered with our delightful holiday gift guide, full of goodies that align with their non-toxic, sustainable, organic, and intentional lifestyle. (Life goals, right?)

These picks are sure to both bring them joy and make them feel good about what you have purchased for them! Win-win we say.

From practical to unique, we've hand-picked items that will warm your crunchy bestie's heart. And hey, if you're embracing this lifestyle too, don't be shy to add these gems to your own wishlist!

So let's dive in and find the perfect gift at the right price point for you!

  • Under $25: Discover a world of organic candles, reusable beeswax wraps, and adorable plant-based skincare. Embrace self-care and sustainability without breaking the bank!

  • $25-$50: Treat your friend to some eco-friendly kitchen essentials like organic cotton hand towels, a trendy stainless steel tumbler, or a lovely herb garden starter kit. It's all about practicality with a touch of style!

  • $50-$100: Help her create an oasis of health with an herbal wellness tincture set, copper-infused dry brush, or cast iron dutch oven to hold all the most nutrient dense meals. Give the gift of total wellness inside and out!

  • $100 and above: Go all out with 100% linen bedding, an acupressure massage mat, or home sauna blanket. They only deserve the best!

No matter your budget, there's something here to delight and inspire your natural-minded friend. We hand-picked our own favorite wellness tools, researched for the cleanest and healthiest finds and made sure each item has great reviews too. Hopefully we have saved you some time in searching for the perfect natural holiday gift. Share the love and joy of living a holistic lifestyle with these thoughtful gifts. Happy shopping, crunchy ladies!

Jump right into the natural gift guide for your budget:

  1. Stocking Stuffers (under $25)

  2. Under the Tree ($25-50)

  3. Santa's Sleigh ($50-100)

  4. Big Red Bow ($100+)

Each carefully curated item below has product details and benefits, why we added it to the list, and what kind of crunchy lady wants this type of gift! We also included some pairing suggestions to create your own perfect crunchy gift bundle. Click on the pictures or the title to get linked to each product.

This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase after clicking on a link

we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, click here.

Natural Gift Stocking Stuffers (under $25)

eco friendly, non-toxic vanilla scented candle in glass jar for women's holiday gift guide

  • Clean burning cotton wick, natural and biodegradable soy wax, 100% essential oil scented

  • Non-toxic glass jar, 20+ hours of burn time and over 10 different scents to choose from

  • For the crunchy friend who loves to set the mood in her home without added toxins. (Pair with this Candle Accessory Set)

earthley goodnight magnesium cream for natural holiday gift guide
  • Magnesium improves sleep, gut health, headaches, mental health, blood sugar, detox and hormonal balance

  • This toxin-free and moisturizing lotion is great for sensitive skin and absorbs magnesium 5 xs faster than with oral routes

  • Use code BEAUTIFULONE for 10% off

  • For the lady who wants to support optimal mineral health inside and out. (Pair with these luxe Cloud Sleep Socks)

reusable beeswax wraps for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • Organic, reusable, biodegradable, zero waste, plastic-free food storage. Replaces plastic and aluminum products in the kitchen.

  • Make a healthier kitchen fun (and pretty!) with different sized and patterned wraps- there are many different styles to choose from

  • For a lady who cares about building a clean and sustainable home kitchen. (Pair with Reusable Paper Towels or this Zero Waste Home Book)

the book of lymph, lymphatic drainage and massage, for women's natural holiday gift guide
  • A coffee table worthy book packed with the most practical and visually helpful education and instructions for self lymphatic massage and drainage

  • Lymph massage helps with skin issues, immune health, bloating and digestive problems, headaches, mood support, and inflammation.

  • For the well informed crunchy lady in your life who wants whole body wellness from home. (Pair with this Lymphatic Cream + Dry Brush)

organic grass-fed tallow balm for natural women's holiday gift guide
  • Rich in vitamins and boasting anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, tallow delivers deep hydration without clogging pores

  • 3 scent options (with100% essential oils) and infused with jojoba oil. The perfect solution to dry, chapped, itchy and cracked skin suffering from diaper rash, eczema, acne or sunburn.

  • Get an extra 10% off with code BEAUTIFULONE

  • For the lady who loves traditional nutrition, give her all the benefits of it for her skin too. (Pair with this Tallow Face Scrub or Natural Lip Balm)

professional grade healthy holiday gift ideas for women
  • Utilize our Fullscript account to give a truly health-ful gift. We have curated a list of 17+ natural skin care items, fancy remedies and gift-worthy supplement sets.

  • Craft your own combo of jade rollers, flower essences, skin and lip balms, teas, bath crystals, creams, vitamin gummies + more!

  • Sign up for free access to 25% off our dispensary HERE

  • For the lady who is selective about quality + effective ingredients

Natural Gifts for Under the Tree ($25-50)

glass infusion pitcher for herbal teas, on women's natural holiday gift guide
  • The easiest way to support a daily herbal tea routine, with style!

  • Made from heat friendly glass and stainless steel, infuse therapeutic herbs from home confidently and safely

  • For the tea loving lady who can use a simple herbal ritual in her life. (Pair with these Vintage Glass Teacups or Loose Leaf Tea)

organic cotton danish hand towels for women's natural holiday gift guide
  • 3-pack certified organic cotton dish or hand towels comes in a whopping 52 beautiful color combinations

  • Luxuriously soft and super absorbent, this woven trio is not only practical and useful, it's delightfully luxe as a gift too

  • For the lady who loves styling her home with sustainable and textured materials. (Pair with this Natural Soap Bar or Vitamin Hand Cream)

Beautiful One Hormone Health Bundle for natural women's holiday gift guide
  • A super trio of our most popular hormone balancing resources: the At Home Hormone Handbook, the Functional Thyroid Management Protocols and the Hormone Balancing Food Guide

  • Instant download and send these as a gift without paying any shipping!

  • For the holistic lady that wants a little more hormone happiness in her life. (Pair with this Metabolism Support Tincture + Thyroid Castor Oil Pack)

organic herb garden for kitchen, natural holiday gift guide for women
  • 5 culinary herbs and all the supplies you need to grow your own indoor herb garden

  • Life comes right into the kitchen with this beautiful, organic, fragrant and delicious home garden kit

  • For the green-thumb lady in your life that loves to grow what she eats. (Pair with this Medicinal Herbs Book or Indoor Watering Can)

nutrient dense kitchen cookbook for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • 125 recipes for maximizing nutrition in your meals. Delicious, simple and made-from-scratch meals that won't make you miss any of your inflammatory favorites

  • Meal plans, shopping lists, budget tools and sourcing guide included

  • For the lady who eats clean, whole foods but never skimps on flavor. (Pair with these Turkish Kitchen Towels + Linen Cooking Apron)

moxie and june gift boxes for natural holiday gifts for women
  • Delightfully curated health + wellness gift boxes for women

  • An endless assortment of fun novelty, clean beauty, quality accessories, and home goods- these boxes are bursting with thoughtfulness + creativity. You could 100% check off every lady on your list here

  • Get an extra 10% off with code BEAUTIFULONE

  • For the playful lady you love that needs a clean-living surprise

hooga grounding and earthing mat for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • A conductive carbon infused vegan leather mat plugs into an electrical outlet to mimic the same slightly negative electrical charge that earth emits.

  • The healing benefits of grounding have been reported as decreased pain and inflammation, better sleep and energy, faster healing and immune system boosting.

  • For the busy lady in your life who wants to ground while she cooks, works or stretches. (Pair with these Grounding Socks)

stanley stainless steel tumbler for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • Double wall vacuum insulation means drinks stay cold all day, and the narrow base fits perfectly into your car cupholder so your hydration can stay with you, eliminating harmful plastic bottle use.

  • Dishwasher safe and comes in 20 different colors

  • For the on-the-go lady who wants to prioritize hydration, stylishly. (Pair with these Silicon Straws + Trace Mineral Drops)

organic cotton bamboo robe for women, natural holiday gift ideas
  • Natural fibers make this robe so soft and breathable but also thick and luxurious. Our favorite feature is the pockets

  • Comes in 5 neutral colors and 3 sizes, with a generous cut that makes it a lovely pick for pregnant or nursing moms too!

  • For the mama lady you know that can use a pj upgrade. (Pair with these Alpaca Wool Socks + Stanley Insulated Mug)

Natural Gifts on Santa's Sleigh ($50-100)

we heart nutrition womens essentials bundle vitamins for natural holiday gift guide
  • A one month's supply of our favorite women's health multi vitamin and omega 3 duo from the most wholesome and aesthetic supplement company on the market

  • This thoughtfully curated combo meets our strict midwifery standards- impressive profile of nutrients, bioavailable ingredients and no fillers or toxins. Plus the gorgeous glass bottle and packaging meet our gift-giving standards too- the delivery presentation is swoon-worthy!

  • Get a whopping 20% off with BEAUTIFULONE

  • For the lady who takes her health and quality ingredients seriously. (Pair with this Wood Vitamin Organizer + Vintage Glass Tumbler)

earthley daily wellness tincture bundle for natural womens holiday gift guide
  • This trio packs a powerful health punch: Adaptogenic Immunity Tincture, Vita-C Herbal Tincture and Herbal Multivitamin Tincture

  • Herbal health in convenient dropper bottles, bioavailable vitamins and minerals from whole herbs

  • Use code BEAUTIFULONE for 10% off

  • For the herb-loving lady who needs the healing power of plants. (Pair with this Herbal Healing For Women Book or Wood Tincture Organizer Rack)

queen of thrones organic castor oil and pack kit for womens natural holiday gift guide
  • Heatless, reusable and contoured castor oil pack with extra virgin, expeller pressed organic castor oil included.

  • Great for natural and effective liver, hormone, digestive, colon, stress and sleep support. Castor oil is a strong detoxifier, anti-inflammatory and stress buster as it supports optimal lymphatic drainage.

  • Get an extra 10% off with BEAUTIFULONEMIDWIFERY10

  • For a lady lover of deep cellular-level liver support. Pair with this Dry Brush + Silk Sleep Eye Mask)

higherdose copper dry brush for natural womens holiday gift guide
  • The benefits of lymph draining detox and skin exfoliation are maximized with ion-charged copper bristles in this amazing dry brush

  • The perfect detox stack to self lymph massage or your sauna routine

  • For the lady who wants to supercharge her daily detox regimen. (Pair with Lymphatic Cream or Herbal Detox Bath)

enamel cast iron dutch oven for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • The ultimate heavy duty kitchen work horse. Evenly heating, lasts forever, the clear choice for soups, stews, roasts and sourdough

  • Multiple sizes and colors available, an investment sure to dazzle

  • For the lady who makes good home cooking an exquisite art. (Pair with this Cast Iron Cookbook, this Sourdough Cookbook or this Sourdough Tools Set)

beautiful one midwifery monthly membership for womens natural holiday gift guide
  • A holistic library full of 100+ natural remedies, courses, handouts and protocols, thoughtfully curated by 2 homebirth midwives, for every season of womanhood

  • An online forum with direct access to 110+ community members and Kelly + Tiffany for Q+A, live workshops and personalized education

  • Use code MASTERCLASS for 10% off

  • For the natural lady who loves alternative living and health

Natural Gifts with a Big Red Bow ($100+)

french linen sheet set for natural womens holiday gift guide
  • Chemical-free flax growing and harvesting practices, stone-washed for softness and durability and add sophistication to any bed

  • These sheets breath well to help regulate sleep temperature, are naturally antimicrobial and last longer in between washing

  • For a smart lady on your list who takes her sleep hygiene seriously. (Pair with Wool Dryer Balls or Bamboo Eye Mask)

audible subscription for natural womens holiday gift guide

Audio Book Membership for a Year $144 (save $35 now until 12/31)

  • Unlimited listening with over 4,900 titles in health, cooking and home categories, it's sure to bless the ears off any lady!

  • See our list of favorite books by clicking HERE. (Pair with EMF-free Headphones or Portable Speaker)

pranamat eco acupressure massage mat for womens natural holiday gift guide
  • Head to toe massage from home with the power of natural endorphins

  • Acupressure naturally stimulates circulation to skin, nerves and muscle while effectively improving sleep, relaxation, exercise recovery, headache, energy and mental focus.

  • Enjoy 10% off with BEAUTIFULOM

  • For the massage-loving lady who can use a daily unwind session. (Pair with Magic Muscle Ease and this Essential Oil Diffuser)

nutrimill fresh flour grain mill for natural womens holiday gift guide
  • Embrace the many benefits of fresh milled flour with this amazing whole-food kitchen essential.

  • BPA free, high powered, stainless steel heads quietly mill 5 cups of grain per minute. Nutrient dense carbs are possible

  • For the baking lady that wants to pack nutrients into everything she creates. (Pair with this Freshly Milled Grains Cookbook and Linen Bread Bags)

higherdose infared sauna blanket for natural holiday gift guide for women
  • The ultimate therapeutic detoxing, serotonin boosting, circulation promoting, immune system strengthening, stress reducing, most accessible home sauna experience.

  • Convenient, easy to use and even easier to store

  • For a lady who doesn't skimp on all the benefits of healthy detox! (Pair with Organic Liver Cleanse Tincture and Organic Cotton Turkish Towel)

Are you ready to spread some natural-loving joy this holiday season with our ultimate gift guide?! We hope it helped you find the perfect present for the crunchy women on your list, and inspired you to treat yourself to something, too! Want even more ideas? Browse last year's 2022 Gift Guide HERE.

Here's an extra special gifting tip to make your shopping experience a breeze: organize your gift choices by groups! For all the marvelous moms, fantastic teachers, and wonderful friends, pick a standout gift and buy multiples of it. This simple decision will save you time and energy, allowing you to fully embrace seize the joy and simplicity of giving to make this holiday season unforgettable for all the natural-loving ladies in your life. Happy shopping!

Although we are licensed midwives by profession, we are not YOUR midwives. All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. Although we strive to provide accurate general information, the information presented here is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice. For more information, click here.

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